50 Truck Driving Positions To Be Filled Urgently

Over 1,000 workers have been made redundant due to the closure of a Holden plant in Adelaide, which triggered a job expo hosted by the Holden Job Centre for positions available in regional Victoria.

One particular logistics company, Porthhaul, have offered 50 truck driving positions and various other roles for ex-Holden employees to be filled urgently. Continue reading 50 Truck Driving Positions To Be Filled Urgently

Stay On Top of NHVR Fatigue Management Issues

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) recently sent out a memo to the trucking industry detailing the correct counting procedures and additions that drivers need to maintain in their work diaries.

The NHVR said that they were prompted to do so after they recently received a wave of calls from concerned truck drivers about how to count work time correctly. Under the law, truck drivers on standard hours can work 12 hours in a 24-hour block and those accredited with a Basic Fatigue Management may work for 14 hours.

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Stainless Steel: The Future For Livestock Transporters

The livestock transport industry is looking towards the use of stainless steel to build cattle and sheep trailers to extend the life of these transporters.

These animal transporters travel some of Australia’s roughest terrain and clock up millions of kilometres often spending hours on dirt tracks. Along with this the trailers face wear and tear from the actual animals, their waste and constant hosing down.

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Reviving an Aussie Trucking Legend

Kenworth has announced the return of the Australian trucking icon, the T950. Ask any Australian to draw a road truck and they’ll jot the outline of this imposing heavy hauling legend with its long bonnet and raised cab.

This beast of a machine was dropped in 2007 but it has retained a loyal following with conventionalists and Kenworth aficionados. The Legend T950 is a seriously limited edition with Kenworth only producing 75 trucks with loyalists grabbing up every last one within 48 hours of release. Continue reading Reviving an Aussie Trucking Legend

Safety Truck Promotes Road Safety Education

Safety Truck is an initiative run by the Australian Trucking Association that provides the community with road safety education and promotes a positive industry image.

This mobile education centre helps bridge the trucking community with the greater Australian community at safety education programs, trucking industry led events and community events. Continue reading Safety Truck Promotes Road Safety Education

“Gentlemen in Disguise” – Inside a Truck Driver’s Office

We all know truck drivers tend to get typecast.

However, in 2014 Gold Coast photographer Cory Wright wanted to look past that and give people an insight into the lives of those who eat, sleep, work and drive in their trucks, often alone.

He found the people he spoke with were quite approachable and presented an interesting job that becomes a lifestyle with many challenges. Continue reading “Gentlemen in Disguise” – Inside a Truck Driver’s Office

0% Truck Finance – What’s The Catch?

Many companies offer low interest or 0% finance interest rates on new trucks, which at face value looks like a great deal. But is it?

The main manufacturers all offer these deals but be warned, you may well end up paying more for your new truck than if you had shopped around and (maybe even) financed your new wheels through Aussie Truck Loans.

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Apps For Truckers

There’s a saying – well, two in fact – in the world of mobile phone apps:

* There’s an app for that
* If you don’t think there’s an app for that, there’s an app for that too

And the world of trucking is not immune. A little bit of web research has been able to dig up some amazing stuff – complete video/computer games based on, you guessed it, trucking around various parts of the world.

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Why You Should Avoid A ‘Busy Recent Credit History’

When you’re applying for a loan, or any finance whether it’s for a small van or large truck, it’s important to know how the finance industry operates.

It’s clearly very important to the finance company that you are able to service, i.e. repay the loan, so they make extensive investigations into your credit history before they approve any loan. Continue reading Why You Should Avoid A ‘Busy Recent Credit History’

Volvo & Their Truck Ads

You can never accuse the Swedish company of a lack of imagination when it comes to TV ads for their trucks. Swedish automotive and truck manufacturers (we say ‘Swedish’ because we’d like to include the other one, Saab) have always relied on some flair and just a little bit of sex appeal to sell their vehicles.

In fact director Tony Scott (brother of Ridley) cut his teeth filming TV commercials before getting the Top Gun director gig, and looking at this ad he made for Saab you can see how it might have helped him get the job…

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