The History of Volvo Trucks in Australia

Volvo has been a big name within the Australian trucking industry since 1972, when the production facility of heavy-duty trucks was established in Wacol, Brisbane, Queensland. Almost half a century later, with more than 60,000 trucks produced, the plant is now the biggest truck assembly plant in Australia. Volvo Trucks is also the largest manufacturer of vehicles in the country.

But before it became a manufacturing powerhouse, Volvo Trucks went through many operating challenges due to the unique Australian conditions. Let’s take a look at the history of Volvo Trucks in Australia and discover how its massive success came to be.

Early Years

Volvo Trucks opened its $2-million assembly plant just 4 years after Volvo gained commercial vehicle operation in Australia. During this time, the Wacol facility was the second largest truck assembly plant of Volvo outside of Sweden, its global headquarters.

The first few years of operations focused on developing solutions to the challenges that truck operators face in Australia. These problems include extreme weather conditions, rugged terrain, long distances of transport, and extra heavy loads. Nevertheless, using globally tested platforms and modern technologies, Volvo Trucks was able to produce locally made trucks that suit the specific Australian requirements.

Growth and Expansion

By 1977, Volvo Trucks was already enjoying a good portion of success. From a mere 167 trucks sold per year, the sales increased to more than 1000 trucks annually. Ten years later, the production also expanded from just a medium truck range to the inclusion of FL6 small trucks, which gained massive popularity among distribution companies.

In the years following, it was FH16 Globetrotter truck’s turn on success. Released in 1995, this heavy truck stood out from all its competitors and made a huge haul of money for Volvo.

Fast forward to 2019, Volvo Trucks boasts a whole range of best-selling trucks, designed to conquer the tough Australian conditions and the specific trucking needs of consumers. The range includes the FH16, the most powerful truck of the range; FH, most suited for long hauls; FMX, the modern construction truck; FM, a versatile machine; and FE, a compact distribution truck.

Volvo Trucks has recently invested more than $15 million for the continuous improvement of the Wacol plant and another $25 million to optimise the facility’s footprint and to get higher technical capacity. Aside from the production plant, the company also invested a large sum of money ($160m) in customer service and dealer networks. This investment will also lead to the creation of a new Volvo Trucks national headquarters.

Recently joining the Australian Made Campaign, Volvo Trucks now carry the iconic “Australian Made” logo. This makes the company the sole truck manufacturer to get awarded with this prestigious honour.

New Technologies

Despite Volvo Trucks’ success, it has never ceased its effort to create technologically advanced trucks. Using the modern trucking technologies available, the company constantly implements its three core values: quality, safety, and environmental care.

Some of the latest technologies that Volvo trucks utilise include the Electronic Braking System, Electronic Stability Program, and Adaptive Cruise Control. Anti-Theft System is also installed in all models, as well as the I-Shift Transmission System, Electronic Climate Control and Front Under-Run Protection System.

As an effort to help protect the environment, Volvo Trucks only uses fuel-efficient engines to comply with the Euro 6 emissions standards.

The future

Volvo Trucks considers its people as the company’s future more than the expansion of dealership systems and manufacturing plants. That’s why its goals in the coming years focus on skills and career development, as well as staff training and progression to create future leaders from within Volvo Trucks itself.

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Volvo Trucks has come a long way since the establishment of the Wacol plant. But more than the rich history of Volvo Trucks in Australia, it’s fascinating to speculate what’s in store for the company’s future.

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Trucks of the Future – Samsung Safety Truck

Argentina is one of the countries with the highest number of traffic accidents in the world. Most of them involve small vehicles overtaking larger trailer trucks. With the many advanced technologies available in the transport industry today, you would think that these accidents can be easily prevented.

Well, now they can — thanks to the new Samsung Safety Truck, a product of Samsung Electronics Argentina, in partnership with Leo Burnett Argentina, Ingematica, Helvetica SA, and Volvo Trucks Argentina.

This awesome piece of truck technology is also the result of Samsung’s dedication to improve and save lives through constant innovation.

“Samsung is always looking for opportunities to apply technology in innovative ways to improve people’s lives. Leveraging our experience as the world leader in display technology, along with Leo Burnett, we came up with the idea of the Samsung Safety Truck, an invention that we believe will change the history of road safety,” said Sang Jik Lee, President of Samsung Electronics Argentina.

The Samsung Safety Truck

What features make this latest innovation from Samsung the safest truck in the market today? The Samsung Safety Truck is a Volvo Truck FH that utilises two high-resolution cameras in the front to capture the road situation ahead.

The video is transmitted by the specially designed Ingematica software to the four large Samsung OH46D exterior monitors on the truck’s back end. It will allow the drivers of the tailing vehicles to see the view ahead and check for oncoming vehicles or crossing animals before opting to overtake the safety truck.

The Samsung monitors are IP56 certified to be dustproof, waterproof, and highly durable even during the most challenging weather conditions on the road. This will ensure that the drivers can make an informed decision at any given time to avoid accidents. Also, the two cameras have night vision capability that will guarantee the safety of motorists even at nighttime.

This new technology impressed many organisations around the world, making Samsung Safety Truck a recipient of some prestigious awards including Time Magazine’s 25 Best Innovations of 2015, gold and silver awards from Cannes Lion 2015, and five more recognitions from Clio Awards.

What’s next for this safety truck?

The prototype of the Samsung Safety Truck was road-tested for a year from 2015 to 2016. Despite the concern of some people about it being a possible distraction, Samsung confirmed that this new technology works and can be adopted by stakeholders in the trucking industry of Argentina to help save the lives of drivers and passengers alike.

Samsung is now working with concerned non-government organisations and government entities to conduct corresponding tests, get the necessary permits, and make the safety truck compliant to national protocols.

After a successful launch, we can expect more safety trucks driving around Argentina and hopefully, the number of road accidents will significantly decrease in the coming years.

We also hope that the Samsung Safety Truck and other futuristic trucks will be adopted by all countries to help save the lives of many people around the world.

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The Most Popular Truck Brands in Australia

Trucking is one of the most important sectors of the freight industry in Australia, generating an annual revenue of over $54 billion. According to a 2018 report, the trucking sector includes more than 43,000 businesses, and with figures predicted to grow. This year alone, more than 18,000 new trucks were registered from January to June 2019.

The key to a thriving trucking business is the vehicles themselves. A reliable fleet means  reliable service and income. Here are the most popular truck brands in Australia.


In terms of sales, Isuzy is the leading truck brand in Australia for over 30 years, with 4,350 new units sold during the first half of 2019 alone. This Japanese manufacturer is also leading the pack in year-to-date medium-duty truck (1,487 units) and light-duty truck (2,074units) sales.

This proves that Isuzu is continuously satisfying the needs of Australian businesses. In fact, Isuzu has just released eight new models to the FX heavy-duty range, and three new trucks to the FY heavy-duty range. Get finance information on our Isuzu Truck Loans page.


A subsidiary of Toyota Group, Hino is celebrating 54 years of providing high-quality trucks to Aussies. It boasts the company’s comprehensive research and development, design excellence, and superior engineering in all its trucks.

Hino started as a gas lighting-maker company in Tokyo back in 1910, before joining Toyota in 1967 when it became the first brand to introduce hybrid trucks in Australia. Currently, Hino is offering a wide range of trucks for different purposes, from light-duty to heavy-duty, as well as 4×4 and hybrid trucks. Get finance information on our Hino Truck Loans page.


Fuso is another Japanese brand that has been around in Australia for quite some time now. It has been supplying Aussies with reliable and durable trucks for various types of businesses for 40 years. Officially a member of the Daimler Truck and Bus Group, Fuso trucks are manufactured by Mitsubishi Truck and Bus Corporation in Australia.

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This Washington-based truck brand is one of the most popular brands in Australia. Manufacturing different models of medium and heavy-duty trucks, Kenworth focuses on innovation and developing new features on their products. It has a facility in Victoria, where local production of Kenworth trucks is done. Kenworth currently leads the year-to-date sales in heavy-duty trucks with 1,154 units sold.

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Volvo Commercial

Like Kenworth, Volvo is another truck brand that has a local production facility in Australia, which is located in Wacol, Queensland. The Volvo trucks facility was built in 1972 and the biggest heavy-duty trucks assembly plant in Australia. This is a huge factor why Volvo trucks are always on the top sales list. Aussies are inclined to buy them because they are locally produced or assembled.

The first Volvo truck was manufactured way back in 1928 in Sweden. Today, one of the best Volvo trucks that you can buy is Volvo FH16, the World’s safest Volvo truck.


Formerly called International Harvester and International Trucks, IVECO Trucks has been distributing light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks to Australian businesses since 1902. But only in 1952 when it was able to build a local manufacturing plant in Dandenong, Victoria. Since then, IVECO has manufactured more than 230,000 trucks, which include ACCO, Stralis, and Powerstar models.


When it comes to manufacturing of class 8 vehicles (capacity of 16 tonnes and over), there is no beating the Swedish brand, Scania. Its heavy-duty trucks are well-equipped for transporting large and heavy cargo over long distances, making them ideal for road trains. Scania also makes trucks that are ideal for construction purposes.

Scania is a global company with a presence in more than 100 countries and employs more than 18,400 people. Its head office is located in Södertälje, Sweden.


Another truck brand that locally assembles their products is Mack, which is part of Volvo Group Australia. The brand just celebrated its 100th anniversary in the country last June. As part of the celebration, Mack released two limited-edition trucks: a Super-Liner and a Trident.

Since 1963, when Mack Trucks Australia was established, the brand has been assembling trucks suitable for Australian conditions. All Mack trucks are supported by the largest dealer network in Australia, with 77 service points around the country.

Some of the best Mack trucks you can buy include the Titan, Granite, and Metro-Liner. All Mack trucks are designed for heavy construction and distribution sectors.


The most popular truck brand in the world. This German manufacturer has been in the business since 1893. It has produced a variety of reliable and high-quality delivery vehicles, including pickup trucks and heavy trucks. MAN and Scania are members of the Volkswagen Group but regards one another as competitors in the same industry.

MAN started distribution in Australia in 2000 when the MAN Automotive Imports was established. Today, the sales and after-sales support for MAN Trucks Australia are done out of the Asia Pacific headquarters in Brisbane, Australia.

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History of Kenworth Trucks in Australia

Kenworth has been a household name in Australia since the 1960s when the first trucks from the United States hit the local market. The company went on to build the first Australian-made Kenworth truck and sell many of the well-known transport machines in the country. The history of Kenworth trucks in Australia is rich and deserves retelling to appreciate the brand’s great contributions and accomplishments to the Australian trucking industry.
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Australia Leading the Way in Electric Trucks

It’s the dawn of the age of electric vehicles. Manufacturers all over the world are racing to supply the growing demand for these eco-friendly automobiles. Right now, the competition for electric trucks in Australia seems wide-open.

Tesla, the world leader in electric cars, is developing a heavy-duty truck called Semi, but it will take a few more years before we could see even a prototype. Volkswagen is also investing $2 Billion to put an electric engine on its trucks over the next five years. Almost all the major manufacturers have their own plans too. Continue reading Australia Leading the Way in Electric Trucks

The Future of Trucking in Australia

The road freight industry, also known as the trucking industry, is integral to the Australian economy. Although it was not spared by the global financial crisis, it still maintained an annual growth rate of 2.4% in the last five years. Today, the industry has approximately 41,000 businesses, which employ more than 250,000 people and pay more than $13 billion in annual wages.

The industry looks very solid at the moment and getting into trucking business looks like a brilliant move. However, for serious investors, the present situation alone is not enough to invest a significant amount of money. You also need to have a good idea of how the trucking industry would fair in the future.

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Trucks Through Time

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50 Truck Driving Positions To Be Filled Urgently

Over 1,000 workers have been made redundant due to the closure of a Holden plant in Adelaide, which triggered a job expo hosted by the Holden Job Centre for positions available in regional Victoria.

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