At AUSSIE our goal is 100% customer satisfaction, so if we fall short of this we want to know. SO – please contact us first!

How We Resolve Your Problems

We welcome every opportunity to resolve any concerns you may have with our products or service. If you have a complaint, are not happy with our service or just want more information, you should tell us. By telling us, you give us the best possible opportunity of fixing things. In the first instance, contact our Customer Service Team by calling 1300 769 999. If you are not satisfied with their response you can request that their manager address your concern.

Internal Dispute Resolution 

If your concern is still not resolved to your satisfaction please write to our Internal Dispute Resolution Committee at Aussie Finance Pty Ltd PO Box 123 Springwood NSW 4127. Your concern will be reviewed by our IDR Committee, which has authority to deal with the matter. 

We will inform you of the outcome within:

  • 21 days if you have requested a variation of a credit contract as a result of financial hardship or postponement of enforcement proceedings, or, within a further 30 days from the date of any agreement made as a result of that request;
  • 21 days if your complaint involves a default notice under a credit contract;
  • 45 days for all other disputes and complaints

Financial Hardship

How we manage Financial Hardship

We understand that some of our customers may face temporary periods of financial hardship due to a number of reasons, often beyond their control, including unemployment or reduced employment. If you are finding it hard to make repayments on your car loan or small asset loan, we encourage you to call our dedicated hardship team as soon as possible. This team is specially trained to understand your situation and work with you to find the most suitable repayment plan or support to help you while you get back on your feet. Our toll free customer hotline is 1300 769 999 

External Dispute Resolution

If your concern still remains unresolved to your satisfaction we will assist you in directing your issue for further review to the Financial Ombudsman Service Limited ABN 67 131 124 448 (FOS), an external review scheme to which we belong. 

Financial Ombudsman Service Limited (FOS) 

GPO Box 3
Melbourne VIC 3001
Telephone: 1300 780 808
Fax: (03) 9613 6399
Email: To lodge a dispute online go to

How We Provide Assistance

Our Customer Service team considers every request for assistance on an individual basis with flexibility & understanding. If you are having difficulty making your loan repayments, we will work with you to find a manageable solution, tailored to your personal circumstances.

Our aim is to support your financial rehabilitation and ensure the affordability of the credit we provide to our customers. Most often customers simply need temporary assistance, including a review of their financial commitments, to get them through difficult times.

Our Partners

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  • AFS
  • CIL Insurance