Apps For Truckers

There’s a saying – well, two in fact – in the world of mobile phone apps:

* There’s an app for that
* If you don’t think there’s an app for that, there’s an app for that too

And the world of trucking is not immune. A little bit of web research has been able to dig up some amazing stuff – complete video/computer games based on, you guessed it, trucking around various parts of the world.

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Volvo & Their Truck Ads

You can never accuse the Swedish company of a lack of imagination when it comes to TV ads for their trucks. Swedish automotive and truck manufacturers (we say ‘Swedish’ because we’d like to include the other one, Saab) have always relied on some flair and just a little bit of sex appeal to sell their vehicles.

In fact director Tony Scott (brother of Ridley) cut his teeth filming TV commercials before getting the Top Gun director gig, and looking at this ad he made for Saab you can see how it might have helped him get the job…

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Looking To Buy A Used Mining Truck?

They’ll be coming back down the road from the mines at best ever prices!

New business opportunities have emerged with the massive influx of trucks and other heavy machinery to support the construction of the infrastructure for the mining and oil and gas sectors.

With the completion of much of that infrastructure, including the rail tracks, many of those trucks are now coming back on to the market.

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Effect Of The Mining Boom On Trucks & Their Drivers

Every man, woman and their wistful looking dogs have had their eyes firmly on the wage packets of truck owners and drivers with contracts in the mines over the past six years.

It has taken a massive effort to get those trucks to the outback from around the globe, and despite the slowdown of the boom, those desires of potential workers are not decreasing, says Mining and Construction Consultant Anna Day.

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The Brisbane Truck Show, Running On Oranges & Lindsay Fox

What generated more than $400 million in sales, injected $57 million into the Queensland economy and was the biggest event in the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre’s twenty seven year history? (it’s not oranges in case you’re wondering)

It may come as a surprise to know the answer is (or was since it’s over now) -drumroll- the 2013 Brisbane Truck Show.

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Bigger Trucks Coming; A Fiat monster truck?

Welcome to 2013! Contrary to indications based on the calendar put together by the Mayans a while back, we’re still here and still trucking in 2013.

Progress continues and in an update to changes being considered by governments at State and the Federal level we talked about in our last update, recent reports indicate a national plan to move to a standard ‘big truck’ size for Australia, which would be the 35m long modular B-triple.

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Optimus Prime, Tightrope Walkers & B-triples

Welcome to our first news update on what’s going on in the truck world.

We’ll be hunting down interesting stories and news we think you should be across as a truck owner and truck driver.

Today we’ve got the lowdown on Optimus Prime (the leader of the Autobots in the Transfomer films, if you didn’t already know), footage of a tightrope walker pulling off an impressive stunt in the latest Volvo truck ad and the NSW Government’s plans to allow huge B-triples on its highways.

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